Frequently Asked Questions.....


Dartmoor Chairs uses a wide range of fabrics and materials for upholstering furniture.

I can you advise you in your own home regarding suitable fabrics and bring along samples for you to consider from a wide variety of designers. If there is a particular fabric you would like, I can source it for you or alternatively try to inspire you, within your price range.

Do I have to have the piece of furniture rebuilt completely?

Advice will be given on an individual basis, depending on the condition of the chair. It is quite possible to re-cover your chair, but it may benefit from new springs or to be rebuilt completely. All options will be fully discussed with you.

How will I know when the work will be done?

A workshop slot will be offered with your written quote. This slot will be reserved for two weeks for your piece of furniture.

Are the fabrics and stuffings used fire retardant?

All materials and stuffings used to complete your upholstery are guaranteed by Dartmoor Chairs to meet the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988 and are suitably labelled. Advice will be given accordingly.

Will the price change once the order is made?

Your furniture will be assessed before the work is undertaken. However, the stripping of antique and vintage furniture can reveal unexpected damage to the frame, which may require repair or restoration. You will be consulted regarding any additional work before costs are incurred.